Getting Started at BMS

Getting Started at BMS

As an international school, welcoming students to BMS is a matter close to our hearts. For many of our new students, the first day at school is also associated with settling into a new country, a new culture, and a new social circle. Our goal is to build personal relationships as quickly as possible based on trust.

Our principals, student support staff, as well as our faculty takes the time to fully integrate students into our community so that they can feel fully equipped and confident in starting their academic journey at BMS. 

New BMS Families are supported in a step-by-step process guiding by our dedicated admissions team. Once students are ready to begin their first day of school at BMS, our team ensures that both the academic and student wellbeing staff are ready to welcome incoming students and make them feel as welcomed members of our community. 

  • New students are welcomed by the Admissions Team and the respective Principal and introduced to school life at BMS by a "buddy student". All students receive a Welcome Package on the first day of school.
  • Parent representatives are elected at the beginning of the year and help to coordinate school-related events for students to participate in workshops and events. Welcome events are also organized by the parents representatives as well as welcome events for new families. 
  • Our parent community METBMS organizes regular social meet-ups for current BMS Families as well as new members of our community throughout the year. 

Visit our admissions pages to discover more about admissions at BMS and our international school program!


What are the deadlines for applying to BMS?

If you know in advance that you would like to apply, we recommend applying at least a year in advance. We are dedicated to providing maximal flexibility to our parents and students and hence, have a rolling application system with no strict cut-off deadlines. We accept students throughout the year, based upon availability.

Do you offer visitation days or an Open House?

Open House is always a great opportunity to meet our teachers, BMS students, and their families, as well as our student leaders. It is held in October each year, so please look for the exact date on our website.  Currently, our school offers online Open House Days periodically throughout the school year. Visit here to learn more.

What level of language ability does much my child need in English/German in order to be accepted at BMS?

The higher the grade, the higher the demands on the language level of the students, especially in English. We consult with our academic team regarding language ability as part of the admissions process. If students need support with English and/or German, our language support teams prepare students to meet the level required, in order to participate in mainstream instruction.

Where can I find an overview of BMS exam results in comparison to other international and/or German schools?

The examination outcomes for IBDP, IGCSE and MSA exams are published each year on our school website. BMS has consistently achieved exceptional results, both in international and German comparisons. In both categories, BMS scored above average when compared to similar schools. For detailed information, please find an overview here.

Do you have a waiting list?

Demand exceeds our capacities in most year groups. We see this as implicit approval of our program, but we also realize that this poses a difficult situation for some families. We endeavor to provide fast, transparent feedback in order to manage expectations in a positive manner.

What criteria do you use to select students?

The criteria are listed in our Admissions Policy. In general, it is important to us to put together a great school community which incorporates a balance of languages, nationalities, and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. At the same time, the harmonious composition of classes also plays a role, meaning that the balance of boys and girls is an important aspect. Another aspect is the general support of families for our school program. This is the basis for a constructive, mutually supportive relationship.